Sameer Islam was born in Malone, New York, but grew up in his hometown of Odessa, Texas.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas in Austin where he graduated with honors. He completed both his medical degree (MD) and masters of business association (MBA) at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and Texas Tech Rawls School of Business, respectively.

After completing his internal medicine training at Texas Tech University, he continued his training in gastroenterology at Mayo Clinic where he was promoted to the academic rank of Assistant Professor of Medicine.

In his free time, he loves reading and writing, spending time with his family, and competing in CrossFit. His medical interests include Barrett’s esophagus, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, small bowel diseases, and liver disease (hepatitis or other autoimmune conditions). Feel free to contact his office to schedule an appointment.

Posts on this blog range from medical issues to fitness, lifestyle, and general comments. It is intended to reflect Dr. Islam’s interests and not necessarily be solely medically related.

Why I blog

This is a blog that began for no real reason. It started out on a whim to give my patients more information on topics that I could not necessarily address in the clinic. One thing led to another, and I was hooked.

I love learning. For me, learning gives me an incredible high. The discovery of something innately makes me a happy person. And I love to teach – teaching what I learn in medicine and life just makes me happy. And I like being happy.

I write on lots of different things, all based on my interests: gastroenterology, crossfit, life, movies, efficiency, life-hacks, books, travel. I also love making and posting movies, which I do here as well. I try to mix up my writing to include information for patients, but also just my interests in life.

I am hoping to give my patients and others a taste of who I am outside of medicine. I am not a professional writer. My writing can suck at times, but I am always trying to improve it. If there is something wrong about what I write, by all means let me know so I can change it.

Have fun. Enjoy. Interact. Learn together. Teach me.


The views expressed in this blog are Dr. Islam’s alone. The views, facts, and opinions provided are meant for educational and informational purposes only and do not necessarily constitute medical advice. Accessing this blog or commenting on a post does not constitute a physician-patient relationship. You should not rely on this site to provide medical information and should consult your own physician prior to making any medical decisions or taking any actions as a result of any view, fact, or opinion in this blog.

Please do not email Dr. Islam for medical questions. Please do not post medical questions as comments. These will not be answered.