Most of us regularly have this problem and today I am gonna give you 3 Easy Ways To Help Out With Bloating. It will help you on How To Fix Bloating problem. As I have found so many requests to talk about Bloating Problem, so I think this would be the best video to watch to know about Instant Bloating Relief!

I'm going to give you three easy tips that I recommend to get rid of bloating quickly. 

For those of guys who are joining me today for the first time, my name is dr. Sameer Islam. I'm a board-certified gastroenterologist or GI doctor practicing in Texas. And every Thursday around this time, I give one Poop Tip Thursday BOMB to give you a tip that you can do for the rest of the week. 

Now, bloating is a very common problem to have, and I have patients who come to see me every single day about bloating, and they want to know what we can do to get rid of it. Loading is most likely due to either food that we eat or bad bacteria within the gut. And today I want to give you three tips that I recommend to get rid of bloating quickly. 

The first thing is, try to see if you can get rid of dairy. Dairy is a very common trigger for bloating. For a lot of people, they may not realize that they're actually lactose intolerant. They have the inability to digest dairy products, and this is gonna occur later on in life. And so one easy way to find out if you are this if you have, this is to actually get rid of dairy and see how you feel. 

The second thing I would recommend is to try to eliminate fruit, especially high fructose corn syrup. People may not realize how prevalent and how common fructose is in a lot of different products that we included. Things like catsup, mayonnaise, bread, and fructose- more often than not- are very common triggers for bloating. So one way you can figure out if that's the case is try to minimize it, get rid of all the high fructose corn syrup that you see. This means looking at the labels themselves and seeing if there's fructose in it and try to minimize that or eliminate that. 

The third thing I would recommend is actually maybe trying to eliminate artificial sugars, things like Splenda or artificial sugars that are there, for a lot of people that can't digest that, and that may be a very common reason why people are bloated as well. Even things like sugarless gum may have artificial sweeteners in that. And that may be a very common reason why you're bloating as well. 

So in summary, the three most common reasons, or the three things that I recommend to help get rid of build and quickly, number one, try to get rid of or minimize dairy products. Number two, minimize to get rid of high fructose corn syrup, and number three, try to minimize or get rid of artificial sweeteners. 

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