So you want to learn why you have mucus in your stool? In this video, you can learn the reasons why you have mucus and whether it is normal. Link for my IBS Course (No Stress With IBS).


In this video today, I'll talk to you about why you may have mucus in your stool, and is that normal or not. 

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Today, I'll talk to you about a question I got from a patient who asked me, Hey, Dr. Islam, why is there mucus in my stool? And is that normal? 

I can tell you that mucus in the stool can be a very normal finding. We find this in some conditions, including a condition like IBS, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, uh, sometimes for patients who have an inflammatory disease of the colon, that maybe what's going on there as well. And what you're seeing actually is maybe a couple of different things- One is that that mucus could actually be water that's being secreted from the colon for a lot of patients who have gut issues, whether it's an inflammatory condition or a functional problem, like IBS, your colon actually secretes a lot more water than what is normal for other people. And sometimes that water can manifest as mucus as well. 

But for some other people it actually maybe shedding of some of the lining of the GI tract as well, which is also a very normal issue to have for a lot of people who have gut issues. They have such a rapid turnover of their gut microbiome and of the lining of their colon. That that may be also seen in patients who have a mucus as well. 

So overall for the vast majority of people have mucus in their stool. It is a very normal condition to have, but it is something that you are worried about, or this is associated with other problems, including weight loss, poor appetite, maybe even rectal bleeding as well. 

Make sure you speak to your healthcare provider about whether mucus in your stool is normal or not. Well, thank you guys for joining me today. Every Thursday, around this time, this time I try to give you one poop bomb to help out with your gut health. I want to thank you guys for watching and look forward to seeing you guys next week. 

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