Cirrhosis is damage to the liver caused by chronic illness or abuse. Hepatitis and chronic abuse of alcohol are two common causes of cirrhosis. The liver is a vital organ and damage cannot be reversed. Located on the right side of the belly, the liver is responsible for many important functions. The liver metabolizes drugs, detoxifies chemicals, produces bile, and is also important in the production of proteins necessary for blood clotting.

Symptoms of cirrhosis include fatigue, itching, weight loss, bloating of the abdomen, jaundice, and swelling in the lower extremities. To diagnose cirrhosis, Dr. Islam will take a detailed medical history, perform a physical exam, order blood work, imaging, and order any additional
tests necessary to confirm the diagnosis.

Since Cirrhosis damage cannot be reversed, it is important to intervene early. Make an appointment with Dr. Islam to discuss cirrhosis in more detail.