A colonoscopy is a procedure that allows the gastroenterologist to view the entire length of your colon through a camera. A screening colonoscopy is recommended for every American who is at least 50 years of age. The only difference between a screening colonoscopy and a regular colonoscopy is insurance coding. The procedures themselves are identical. A colonoscopy is recommendation when blood in your stool, a change in bowel habits, narrowing of the stool, and abdominal pain. 

During the procedure, Dr. Islam is looking for polyps, which are small growths in the lining of the colon. These polyps can be removed during the procedure. The removed polyps will be biopsied and determined if they are malignant (cancerous), precancerous adenomas, or benign. Removal of polyps before they become cancerous is the single best way to prevent colon cancer. If found early, colorectal cancer is over 90% curable. It is important, when choosing a gastroenterologist to perform your colonoscopy, that you ask about their adenoma detection rate. It is recommended that your doctor have an ADR of at least 20%. Dr. Islam's ADR is 45%. 

Most people have heard horror stories of the "prep" day and refuse to have the procedure. You should know that the available preps have come a long way. A typical response is, "It wasn't as bad as I was expecting." It is important to follow the prep directions given by Dr. Islam. The quality of the procedure is dependent on the quality of your preparation. Incomplete preps may result in having to reschedule.

Be sure to let us know what medications you are taking, including herbal and over the counter medications. For the procedure, You medicine is provided to make the procedure comfortable, and it’s important to know how other medications may affect it. 

Dr. Islam is the first doctor in the Lubbock area offering an Open Access colonoscopy for qualifying patients. You can find out more about this specific, low-cost colonoscopy option by clicking below. 

Open Access Colonoscopy

Don't let fear determine your quality of life. A screening colonoscopy is covered by most insurance policies with no out of pocket expense to you. There is no excuse to postpone the test. 

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