Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Like a colonoscopy, a sigmoidoscopy examines a portion of your colon looking for precancerous polyps. But, what's the difference?

A sigmoidoscopy only looks at the lower portion, or left side, of the colon, while a colonoscopy views the entire colon. The test could be ordered to evaluate symptoms such as abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, or a change in bowel habits. The sigmoidoscopy is also used in elderly patients who may not be able to tolerate a colonoscopy. 

During a sigmoidoscopy, Dr. Islam takes biopsies, but this procedure does not allow removal any polyps like an EGD. If something is found during the test, an additional test may be necessary.

If your doctor has ordered a flexible sigmoidoscopy be sure to follow all of the instructions provided for both pre-procedure preparation and when discharged.

Contact Dr. Islam if you are interested in receiving more information about a flexible sigmoidoscopy.